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A land kissed by the sun, Apulia. A land where thousands of years of history and stories, traditions and tastes are told in a product, wine, the result of passion, love and hard work.

Vinapulia was born from the desire of two young entrepreneurs to tell everyone this story, to make known the tradition of Apulian wines and to infect everyone with their passion for this product and this land.



Vinapulia was born from the passion of two young Apulians, Francesco, a third generation agricultural entrepreneur, and Luigi, a lawyer who loves good wine and his land, Apulia.

The company, projected towards the global market and always attentive to new food and wine trends, has as its objectives the production of wines that meet high quality standards without neglecting environmental sustainability.


A primitive that enhances the flavor and tradition of Puglia with its intense purple color, its velvety flavor and floral scent that recalls the vineyards of Salento and lunches under the Apulian sun.


Racemio offers pleasant floral notes and surprises with its flavor and acid balance reached.
Ideal as an aperitif and excellent to accompany a lunch based on past, dishes of vegetables and fish.


A fine and fruity wine. Cantirosa is full, harmonious and balanced.
Excellent to taste with white meats and fish.
Ideal for a summer lunch.